Season episodes list 3


S03E01 : Question of Trust (aired on 10/11/2001)

The 16 players, divided into two tribes (Samburu and Boran), arrive at the Shaba National Reserve…

S03E02 : Who's Zooming Whom? (aired on 10/18/2001)

The tribes play for blankets, water containers and food in the “Stairway to the Stars” Reward…

S03E03 : The Gods Are Angry (aired on 10/25/2001)

The tribes try to win 100 gallons of fresh water by rolling a giant boulder through an obstacle…

S03E04 : The Young and Untrusted (aired on 11/01/2001)

The tribes compete for cooking supplies in the “Caught in the Web” Reward Challenge. Players must…

S03E05 : The Twist (aired on 11/08/2001)

Three tribe members from each team are surprised to learn that they are switching sides and joining…

S03E06 : I'd Never Do It to You (aired on 11/15/2001)

The teams play for a full food buffet by answering a series of questions about Africa. For…

S03E07 : Will There Be a Feast Tonight? (aired on 11/22/2001)

The two teams merge and form the Moto Maji tribe. For Immunity, the players have one of their…

S03E08 : The First 21 Days (aired on 11/29/2001)

Jeff Probst hosts a look back at the first 21 days of the game in Kenya.

S03E09 : Smoking Out the Snake (aired on 12/06/2001)

The players try to win two goats that can be traded in an African village for goods by catapulting…

S03E10 : Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal (aired on 12/13/2001)

The players try to win a night at the movies to see “Out of Africa” by successfully completing an…

S03E11 : We Are Family (aired on 12/20/2001)

The players are each given money to spend at a food auction. For Immunity, the players must answer…

S03E12 : The Big Adventure (aired on 12/27/2001)

The players watch videos of their families, then try to guess the answers their family members gave…

S03E13 : Truth Be Told (aired on 01/03/2002)

The castaways play “Swahili Scramble” for Reward. They each must find nine Swahili words hidden in…

S03E14 : The Final Four: No Regrets (aired on 01/10/2002)

The Final Four players answer questions about the 12 ousted castaways in the first of two Immunity…

S03E15 : Survivor: Africa Reunion (aired on 01/10/2002)

The 16 contestants reunite to discuss their experiences in Africa. Bryant Gumbel is the host.