Season episodes list 4


S04E01 : Back to the Beach (aired on 02/28/2002)

Sixteen castaways are marooned on Nuku Hiva, a volcanic island in the South Pacific. The members of…

S04E02 : Nacho Momma (aired on 03/07/2002)

The castaways play for fishing gear in the “Do or Dive” Reward Challenge, in which members from…

S04E03 : No Pain, No Gain (aired on 03/13/2002)

Each tribe builds a raft using bamboo and paddles it through a water course to pick up supplies.…

S04E04 : The Winds Twist (aired on 03/20/2002)

The players assemble for what they believe is a Reward Challenge and are shocked to learn that the…

S04E05 : The End of Innocence (aired on 03/28/2002)

One tribe wins the right to take the opposing camp's food and supplies after completing a Reward…

S04E06 : The Underdogs (aired on 04/04/2002)

The tribes try to win a picnic in the “Jungle Relay” Reward Challenge, in which teams use a canoe…

S04E07 : True Lies (aired on 04/11/2002)

The two teams merge to form the Soliantu tribe. The castaways play for Individual Immunity for the…

S04E08 : Jury's Out (aired on 04/18/2002)

The players try to win a Reward that includes a giant chocolate bar and a scuba-diving trip to an…

S04E09 : Look Closer: The First 24 Days (aired on 04/24/2002)

A review of the first 24 days on the island.

S04E10 : Two Peas in a Pod (aired on 04/25/2002)

The eight players divide into four teams of two to compete for a Marquesan feast that includes a…

S04E11 : The Princess (aired on 05/02/2002)

The Reward Challenge is “Rock Bottom,” in which players jump off of a floating deck to retrieve…

S04E12 : Marquesan Vacation (aired on 05/09/2002)

The six remaining players are each reunited with a loved one, who then tries to win a day on the…

S04E13 : A Tale of Two Cities (aired on 05/16/2002)

The five remaining castaways play for a car in the Reward Challenge, which consists of elements…

S04E14 : The Sole Survivor (aired on 05/19/2002)

The Final Four castaways answer questions about the 12 previously ousted players to win Immunity.…

S04E15 : Survivor: Marquesas Reunion (aired on 05/19/2002)

The 16 contestants reunite in New York City's Central Park. Rosie O'Donnell hosts.