Season episodes list 5


S05E01 : The Importance of Being Eldest (aired on 09/19/2002)

Sixteen players are marooned on Koh Tarutao, an island off the coast of Thailand. Also, the first…

S05E02 : The Great Divide (aired on 09/26/2002)

Helen and Jan get lost and are missing for hours as they try to find their water source. Also,…

S05E03 : Family Values (aired on 10/03/2002)

The tribes compete in a Reward Challenge to gain the help of two soldiers who will assist them in…

S05E04 : Gender Bender (aired on 10/10/2002)

One tribe begins to divide itself along gender lines and a fourth contestant is voted off the…

S05E05 : The Ocean's Surprise (aired on 10/17/2002)

One castaway is injured by a stingray during a group swim and one tribe loses an item of great…

S05E06 : The Power of One (aired on 10/24/2002)

Tempers flare during a Reward Challenge in which the prize is a Thai feast. Also, one tribe becomes…

S05E07 : Assumptions (aired on 10/31/2002)

The castaways anticipate a merge of the two tribes and new relationships are formed. A seventh…

S05E08 : Sleeping with the Enemy (aired on 11/07/2002)

Members of the two original tribes consider forming alliances with some of their new tribemates.…

S05E09 : Desperate Measures (aired on 11/14/2002)

News from home draws sharp responses from the castaways that could impact one contestant's future…

S05E10 : While the Cats Are Away (aired on 11/21/2002)

One contestant wins a trip to the mainland and offends a friend by choosing someone else as a…

S05E11 : A Closer Look (aired on 11/27/2002)

A look at highlights of some of the most unforgettable moments from the first 10 episodes of the…

S05E12 : A Big Surprise... and Another (aired on 12/05/2002)

The 11th castaway is voted off the island.

S05E13 : The Tides Are Turning (aired on 12/12/2002)

A 12th castaway is voted off the island.

S05E14 : Slip Through Your Fingers (aired on 12/19/2002)

After 39 days on Koh Tarutao, the Sole Survivor is crowned as the reality series wraps up its fifth…

S05E15 : Survivor: Thailand Reunion (aired on 12/19/2002)

The 16 castaways are reunited to discuss their experiences in Thailand. Jeff Probst is the host.