Season episodes list 6


S06E01 : Boys vs Girls (aired on 02/13/2003)

The reality series pits the guys against the girls, as the 16 players are divided into single-sex…

S06E02 : Storms (aired on 02/20/2003)

A tropical rainstorm soaks the women's camp, while the men stay dry, and the discovery of a hidden…

S06E03 : Girl Power (aired on 02/27/2003)

The women's tribe elects a reluctant leader, while putting off a candidate who wanted the post. In…

S06E04 : Trapped (aired on 03/06/2003)

One tribe goes on a group expedition, but purposely leaves behind a vulnerable member who then…

S06E05 : Pick-up Sticks (aired on 03/13/2003)

Just as the men are getting comfortable with their severe environment, one of them is injured. In…

S06E06 : More Than Meats the Eye (aired on 03/19/2003)

A sixth person is voted out.

S06E07 : Girls Gone Wilder (aired on 03/26/2003)

Some female castaways strip naked in an attempt to gain food items, and a distraught player…

S06E08 : Sleeping with the Enemy (aired on 04/03/2003)

One player worries that members of the opposite sex are using their charms to manipulate other…

S06E09 : The Chain (aired on 04/10/2003)

A ninth person is voted out.

S06E10 : The First 27 Days (aired on 04/17/2003)

A review of this season's episodes features new footage. Included: the first night at the women's…

S06E11 : Q & A (aired on 04/24/2003)

In an Auction Reward, the players bid on food items and on letters from home. Also: a 10th castaway…

S06E12 : Sour Grapes (aired on 05/01/2003)

An 11th player is voted out.

S06E13 : The Amazon Heats Up (aired on 05/08/2003)

A fire rages through the camp and destroys everything, and one player becomes sick and begs to be…

S06E14 : ...And Then There Were Four (aired on 05/11/2003)

The Sole Survivor in the Amazon is crowned as the reality series wraps up its sixth edition. The…

S06E15 : Survivor: The Amazon Reunion (aired on 05/11/2003)

The 16 players are reunited in New York City. Jeff Probst is the host.