After a guild gathering which lead into a won boss fight and a timeline with background music Asuna comes home and sees that she recieved a message from Yuuki's doctor saying her condition got worse. Asuna immediately runs to her hospital. Arriving there she get's told that Yuuki's heart already stopped once. Yuuki wakes up and Asuna meets her using the Amu Sphere the next room in Alfheim Online at the tree they first met. Yuuki binds her original sword skill which is called "Mother's Rosario" to a scroll and gives it to Asuna as she knows she does not have much time left. Other members of the Sleeping Knights arrive and gather around her. After they spoke their last words hundreds of other players gather around the tree praying for Yuuki. She says to her friends that she may found her meaning in life and is in spite of all the pain in her life now at least happy in her last moments. At Yuuki's death watch Asuna and Siune meet up. Siune tells her she recovered from her disease the day after Yuuki died and got released from hospital. Kirito and Yuuki's doctor arrive and they figure out that the Medicuboid was designed by Kayaba Akihiko. After the outro Kirito and Asuna are sitting in a park meeting their friends in real life.

Aired on 12/20/2014
8.56/10 • 144 voting

Sword Art Online • S02E24
Haruka Tomatsu Haruka TomatsuAsuna / Asuna Yuuki (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Yoshitsugu MatsuokaKirito / Kazuto Kirigaya (voice)
Nobunaga Shimazaki Nobunaga ShimazakiEugeo (voice)
Ai Kayano Ai KayanoAlice (voice)
Yasunori MoriProducer
Atsuhiro IwakamiProducer
Reki KawaharaWriter
Yoshikazu IwanamiSound Director
Sakuma TakashiAssistant Director
Gou SuzukiAnimation Director
Gou SuzukiCharacter Designer
Tomoya NishiguchiCharacter Designer
Shingo AdachiCharacter Designer
Yuki KajiuraMusic
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    3 Seasons • 75 Episodes

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    7.82/10 (23 984 voting)

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    Returning series