Scott plays in the championship lacrosse game and must also figure out a way to stop Gerard. Meanwhile, Allison continues her hunt for Derek and his wolves.

Aired on 08/06/2012
42 :
8.95/10 • 965 voting

Teen Wolf • S02E11
Tyler Posey Tyler PoseyScott McCall
Dylan O Brien Dylan O'BrienStiles Stilinski
Holland Roden Holland RodenLydia Martin
Shelley Hennig Shelley HennigMalia Tate
Ian Bohen Ian BohenPeter Hale
Dylan Sprayberry Dylan SprayberryLiam Dunbar
Linden Ashby Linden AshbySheriff Stilinski
Victoria Moroles Victoria MorolesHayden Romero
Ryan Kelley Ryan KelleyDeputy Jordan Parrish
Cody Christian Cody ChristianTheo Raeken
Michael Johnston Michael JohnstonCorey
Seth Gilliam Seth GilliamDr. Alan Deaton
Orny Adams Orny AdamsCoach Bobby Finstock
Michael Hogan Michael HoganGerard Argent
Sinqua Walls Sinqua WallsVernon Boyd
Jeff DavisWriter
Tim AndrewDirector
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    Teen Wolf

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    6 Seasons • 94 Episodes

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    7.73/10 (104 806 voting)

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