Season episodes list 11


S11E01 : The Proposal Proposal 7.6/10 (aired on 09/25/2017)

In the eleventh season opener, Amy gives Sheldon an answer to his proposal while Howard and…

S11E02 : The Retraction Reaction 7.31/10 (aired on 10/02/2017)

Leonard angers the university – and the entire physics community – after he gives an embarrassing…

S11E03 : The Relaxation Integration 7.01/10 (aired on 10/09/2017)

As Sheldon stresses about picking a wedding date, Amy tries to convince him he has a more laid-back…

S11E04 : The Explosion Implosion 7.1/10 (aired on 10/16/2017)

Wolowitz and Sheldon bond when they drive to the desert to shoot off a model rocket. Also, when…

S11E05 : The Collaboration Contamination 7.4/10 (aired on 10/23/2017)

Sheldon and Koothrappali confide in Bernadette when they can't handle Amy and Wolowitz working…

S11E06 : The Proton Regeneration 7.32/10 (aired on 11/02/2017)

Sheldon goes head-to-head with Wil Wheaton for the role of the new Professor Proton. Also, Penny…

S11E07 : The Geology Methodology 7.51/10 (aired on 11/09/2017)

Sheldon and Bert collaborate on a research project, despite Sheldon’s embarrassment. Also, Penny…

S11E08 : The Tesla Recoil 7.32/10 (aired on 11/16/2017)

Leonard and Howard are furious after they learn Sheldon went to work with the military behind their…

S11E09 : The Bitcoin Entanglement 7.81/10 (aired on 11/30/2017)

Sheldon tries to teach the guys a lesson after they cut him out of a potentially valuable Bitcoin…

S11E10 : The Confidence Erosion 7.5/10 (aired on 12/07/2017)

Sheldon and Amy try to eliminate stress from wedding planning by applying math to the process.…

S11E11 : The Celebration Reverberation 7.14/10 (aired on 12/14/2017)

Sheldon and Wolowitz plan birthday celebrations for Amy and Halley, respectively. Also, Leonard…

S11E12 : The Matrimonial Metric (aired on 01/04/2018)

Sheldon and Amy will try to use science to see who should be their Maid of Honor and Best Man.

S11E13 : Episode 13 (aired on 01/11/2018)