Season 3

Now a fugitive on the run, Liz must figure out how to protect herself from the fallout of her actions in the explosive season two finale.

Season episodes list 3


S03E01 : The Troll Farmer 8.98/10 (aired on 10/01/2015)

With the FBI hunting Liz for the murder of the attorney general, she and Red go on the run; Red…

S03E02 : Marvin Gerard 8.87/10 (aired on 10/08/2015)

With Ressler in hot pursuit, Liz only has Red to trust; Red asks a lawyer named Marvin Gerard for…

S03E03 : Eli Matchett 8.48/10 (aired on 10/15/2015)

Liz and Red take a detour towards the Midwest as part of their mission to exonerate Liz and defeat…

S03E04 : The Djinn 8.19/10 (aired on 10/22/2015)

Red enlists a task force to locate the Djinn, an enigmatic woman who fulfills revenge fantasies.…

S03E05 : Arioch Cain 8.39/10 (aired on 10/29/2015)

Red and the FBI come together to protect Liz when a huge reward for her capture attracts attention…

S03E06 : Sir Crispin Crandall 8.77/10 (aired on 11/05/2015)

Red and Liz catch wind that Andras Halmi, a trusted advisor of The Director, has gone missing. In…

S03E07 : Zal Bin Hasaan 8.46/10 (aired on 11/12/2015)

A family tragedy in Samar's past resurfaces when the Task Force hunt for an elusive international…

S03E08 : Kings of the Highway 8.09/10 (aired on 11/19/2015)

Red and Liz are unexpectedly separated from each other when Red falls into a dangerous situation.…

S03E09 : The Director (1) 9.17/10 (aired on 01/07/2016)

While Red creates a crime scene to retrieve his care package, friends of the truth rally around…

S03E10 : The Director: Conclusion (2) 9.28/10 (aired on 01/14/2016)

As The Cabal prepares to assassinate Liz, Red calls upon the task force to combine efforts to…

S03E11 : Mr. Gregory Devry 8.68/10 (aired on 01/21/2016)

With her name finally cleared, Liz attempts to reclaim her former life. Red works with the task…

S03E12 : The Vehm 7.5/10 (aired on 01/28/2016)

When an associate of Red's is killed with a rare medieval device, Red realizes a lethal vigilante…

S03E13 : Alistair Pitt 7.69/10 (aired on 02/04/2016)

Red and Liz work with the taskforce to stop a negotiator who has resurfaced to unite two rival…

S03E14 : Lady Ambrosia 7.98/10 (aired on 02/11/2016)

After a missing child that has been presumed dead turns up alive, Red and Liz work with the…

S03E15 : Drexel 7.88/10 (aired on 02/18/2016)

After the founder of a successful internet start-up is found dead, Red recognizes the crime scene…

S03E16 : The Caretaker 7.68/10 (aired on 02/25/2016)

After a State Department official is found dead in Beijing, Red and Liz link the murder to a secret…

S03E17 : Mr. Solomon (1) 8.18/10 (aired on 04/07/2016)

After Red learns that a tactical nuclear weapon is being targeted by thieves, it's a race against…

S03E18 : Mr. Solomon: Conclusion (2) 8.98/10 (aired on 04/14/2016)

After a tragedy puts a member of the team in grave danger, the task force must rely on Red and his…

S03E19 : Cape May 7.98/10 (aired on 04/21/2016)

A mysterious beauty on the run from unknown assailants accidentally crosses paths with Reddington…

S03E20 : The Artax Network 7.99/10 (aired on 04/28/2016)

After an unexpected loss devastates the FBI task force, they must track down their assailants; a…

S03E21 : Susan Hargrave 8.28/10 (aired on 05/05/2016)

When Reddington links an elegant, powerful and extremely dangerous woman to the recent tragic…

S03E22 : Alexander Kirk (1) 8.78/10 (aired on 05/12/2016)

The FBI task force's hunt for revenge nears its endgame. As Reddington and the team close in on the…

S03E23 : Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (2) 9.17/10 (aired on 05/19/2016)

As Reddington and the task force close in on the person responsible for the recent tragedy, a…
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