Season 5

Feeling surprisingly unencumbered, Raymond Reddington is back, and in the process of rebuilding his criminal empire. His lust for life is ever-present as he lays the foundation for this new enterprise - one that he'll design with Elizabeth Keen by his side. Living with the reality that Red is her father, Liz finds herself torn between her role as an FBI agent and the temptation to act on her more criminal instincts. In a world where the search for Blacklisters has become a family trade, Red will undoubtedly reclaim his moniker as the “Concierge of Crime.”

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S05E01 : Smokey Putnum 8.36/10 (aired on 09/27/2017)

Red enlists Liz in an unlikely plan to simultaneously earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to…

S05E02 : Greyson Blaise 8.47/10 (aired on 10/04/2017)

Liz and the Task Force join Red on an international adventure in pursuit of a billionaire who…

S05E03 : Miss Rebecca Thrall 7.99/10 (aired on 10/11/2017)

Agent Ressler is distracted by increasing external pressures. Red drafts Tom in executing an…

S05E04 : The Endling 7.99/10 (aired on 10/18/2017)

Liz and the Task Force hunt for an elusive criminal who will stop at nothing to destroy some of the…

S05E05 : Ilyas Surkov 7.77/10 (aired on 10/25/2017)

Red's intel puts Liz and the Task Force on a collision course with a rival unit from the CIA. Red…

S05E06 : The Travel Agency 7.59/10 (aired on 11/01/2017)

Ressler leads the Task Force on a mission to stop the resurgence of once-dormant murder-for-hire…

S05E07 : The Kilgannon Corporation 8.18/10 (aired on 11/08/2017)

Red and the Task Force place Dembe undercover to infiltrate an international human smuggling…

S05E08 : Ian Garvey (1) 9.48/10 (aired on 11/15/2017)

Tom goes missing and Liz desperately tries to find him. Red's hunt for the suitcase of bones puts…

S05E09 : Ruin 7.68/10 (aired on 01/03/2018)

Liz abandons her old life and seeks out a fresh start in a place where no one knows her history,…

S05E10 : The Informant 7.33/10 (aired on 01/10/2018)

When Red directs the Task Force to find a Blacklister who uses his position of power to sell…

S05E11 : Abraham Stern 7.77/10 (aired on 01/17/2018)

Red's hunt for a legendary treasure draws the attention of Abraham Stern, a cunning manipulator who…

S05E12 : The Cook 7.31/10 (aired on 01/31/2018)

As Liz works with Red to hunt for Tom's killers, she begins to question his motives. The Task Force…

S05E13 : The Invisible Hand 7.5/10 (aired on 02/07/2018)

When bodies are discovered in abandoned woods, Red points the Task Force toward The Invisible Hand,…

S05E14 : Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III 7.51/10 (aired on 02/28/2018)

Red assists the Task Force in tracking a mysterious Blacklister who carefully develops airtight…

S05E15 : Pattie Sue Edwards (aired on 03/07/2018)

As Liz works a new angle in tracking Tom's killers, Red looks to find a creative solution to a tax…

S05E16 : The Capricorn Killer 7.85/10 (aired on 03/14/2018)

As Liz investigates new details in a cold case from her early work as an FBI profiler, she explores…

S05E17 : Anna-Gracia Duerte 7.46/10 (aired on 04/04/2018)

When an associate of the Nash Syndicate is murdered, Red sets Liz and the Task Force on the case in…

S05E18 : Zarak Mosadek (aired on 04/11/2018)

In an attempt to apply pressure to Ian Garvey, Red and the Task Force head to Paris to track down a…

S05E19 : Ian Garvey: Conclusion (2) (aired on 04/25/2018)

Liz uses intel from an unexpected source to force Red to uncover the secrets he holds. Red…

S05E20 : Nicholas T. Moore (aired on 05/02/2018)

An unidentified young girl reappears and the team tries to find her connection to the secret Red is…

S05E21 : Lawrence Dane Devlin (aired on 05/09/2018)

Samar lands in the crosshairs of an unconventional Blacklister, and Aram and the task force spring…

S05E22 : Sutton Ross (aired on 05/16/2018)

Liz and Red face off in a climactic race to find a Blacklister in possession of the duffel bag of…
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