Season episodes list 6


S06E01 : Ep. #1449 (aired on 12/31/1992)

With Taylor assisting via phone, Ridge helps deliver Brooke's baby.

S06E02 : Ep. #1450 (aired on 01/03/1993)

Up at the Big Bear cabin, Brooke is so happy that Ridge helped her deliver her baby and she tells…

S06E03 : Ep. #1451 (aired on 01/04/1993)

Ridge and Brooke are concerned when they learn that the baby has jaundice.

S06E04 : Ep. #1452 (aired on 01/05/1993)

Sheila knows she can't in all good conscience marry Eric until she sets things right with Lauren,…

S06E05 : Ep. #1453 (aired on 01/06/1993)

Karen and Brooke talked about their love for the Forrester males, and Brooke told Karen that she is…

S06E06 : Ep. #1454 (aired on 01/07/1993)

While at the Bikini with Sly, Macy spotted Karen and Thorne together, and began to kiss Sly.

S06E07 : Ep. #1455 (aired on 01/08/1993)

Taylor asked Stephanie to stop trying to plant doubts in her head about Brooke, and stated that she…

S06E08 : Ep. #1497 (aired on 03/11/1993)

Although Jack promises Taylor that he's committed to Sally, he asks his daughter to set up a…