Deacon is hopeful when he hears that Brooke and Deacon cut their honeymoon short. Brooke insists that she's finished with Deacon. Whip points out that Deacon will think he still has a chance with her unless Brooke can convince Deacon that she and Whip are lovers. Sheila releases Ziggy, who admits he was trying to rattle her cage. Ziggy tells Sheila that she needs him because it's clear that she can't show her face in this town. Sheila is intrigued when Ziggy suggests that he has inside information about the Forresters. Bridget is happy to see Brooke at the meeting, but wonders why they came back early. Rick is thrilled when Chuck announces that Amber's line is a runaway hit. To celebrate, Amber says that she wants to go home and check on Little Eric. Erica is arguing with Sheila on the phone as Little Eric plays by the pool. Amber spots her pills on the mantle and can't resist the urge to take one. She hears a cry and rushes out to find Eric by the pool with Erica nowhere in sight. When Erica emerges from the side Amber fires her on the spot. Rick has to restrain Amber, who lunges at Erica when she suggests that Amber jumped to conclusions because she was drunk. Deacon reminds Brooke that Whip is going to want a real marriage and demands that she assure him that she hasn't slept with Whip.

Aired on 05/29/2002