Season 1

Road Rules: All Stars is the first season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. Unlike later seasons the show followed alumni of The Real World as they went on a typical Road Rules-type adventure around the United States in a non-competitive format. It is the only season without the term Challenge in its title. The season premiered on June 1st, 1998.

Season episodes list 1


S01E01 : Five Easy Pieces (aired on 06/01/1998)

Five The Real World alumni gather together to travel across the world for a handsome reward. The…

S01E02 : Shear Madness (aired on 06/08/1998)

The cast mates head to New Zealand for their next mission where they receive a clue that they will…

S01E03 : A Radish in a Salad Spinner (aired on 06/15/1998)

The cast are given their next clue where they're told to write a new theme song for Road Rules.…

S01E04 : How to Eat Fried Worms (aired on 06/22/1998)

The cast arrive into town where they are told that they will be jumping off the side of a building.…

S01E05 : Fresh Squeezed Creative Juices (aired on 06/29/1998)

The morning after, Cynthia decides that she is going to stay. The cast mates meet with actress…