Detective Albrecht investigates a series of violent home invasions that look more like parties than robberies. He asks Draven to keep his ears peeled at the Blackout for any talk that could lead to a clue. Sarah turns out to hold the real key, however, through her friend, Kyle Barber. Kyle is deeply involved with a nihilistic cult of disenfranchised kids who are being manipulated by a charismatic, sociopathic leader, Shane Gant (J.R. Bourne). He uses the coming Millennium as a powerful control mechanism, urging his followers to believe in nothing but himself. Draven, a man who also has good reason to believe in nothing, is forced to put aside his own alienation. By exposing the leader, he manages to set free the followers, giving them hope in their otherwise hopeless lives.

Aired on 10/16/1998
8.4/10 • 29 voting

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven • S01E04
Mark Dacascos Mark DacascosEric Draven
Katie Stuart Katie StuartSarah Mohr
Sabine Karsenti Sabine KarsentiShelly Webster
Marc Gomes Marc GomesDetective Darryl Albrecht
John Pyper-Ferguson John Pyper-FergusonJason Danko/Top Dollar
Christina Cox Christina CoxJessica Capshaw
Johnny Cuthbert Johnny CuthbertLieutenant David Vincennes
Lynda Boyd Lynda BoydDarla Mohr
Julie Dreyfus Julie DreyfusIndia Reyes
Bif Naked
David Paetkau David PaetkauKyle Barber
JR Bourne JR Bourne
Lynda Boyd Lynda Boyd
Chad HayesProducer
Brad MarkowitzProducer
Jeff MostProducer
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  • Original title

    The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

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    TV series

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    1 Season • 22 Episodes

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    6.72/10 (1 837 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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    US CA

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    60 :

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