The Fairly OddParents

The Fairly Odd Parents is a totally out-of-this-world cartoon about a 10-year old boy named Timmy... whose life isn't exactly normal. He has Fairy Godparents by the name of Cosmo and Wanda, who grant Timmy's wishes. However, Timmy isn't always the most specific about his wishes, and more often than not, things tend to go haywire! Watch their wacky adventures- you'll *WISH* for more!! The Fairly Odd Parents is still popular and is still remaining in a biggest teen show tie with Disney's Lizzie McGuire and The Proud Family. The show was a spin-off of Oh Yeah! Cartoons, having originally been featured in it along with Nicktoons ChalkZone and Danny Phantom.

TV series created in 2001 and concluded in 2017 by Butch Hartman.
The show consists of 10 seasons and 269 episodes.


S01E01 : The Big Problem 8.13/10 (128 voting)


S04E08 : Lights... Camera... Adam! 8.1/10 (864 voting)


S01E07 : Father Time 7.84/10 (96 voting)




Daran Norris Daran Norris
Cosmo (voice)
Carlos Alazraqui Carlos Alazraqui
Denzel Q. Crocker (voice)
Grey DeLisle Grey DeLisle
Vicky (voice)
Jim Ward Jim Ward
Chet Ubetcha (voice)
Kari Wahlgren Kari Wahlgren
Chloe Carmichael (Voice)
Susanne Blakeslee Susanne Blakeslee
Tara Strong Tara Strong
Timmy Turner
Gary LeRoi Gray Gary LeRoi Gray
A.J. (voice)

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