Season 2

Following the dramatic events of season 1, Team Flash quickly turns their attention to a threat high above Central City. Armed with the heart of a hero and the ability to move at super speeds, will Barry be able to save his city from impending doom?

Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : The Man Who Saved Central City 8.48/10 (aired on 10/06/2015)

Picking up months after the Singularity attacked Central City, Barry is still struggling to forgive…

S02E02 : Flash of Two Worlds 8.78/10 (aired on 10/13/2015)

Jay Garrick, a mysterious man from Earth-2, appears at S.T.A.R. Labs with a dire warning about an…

S02E03 : Family of Rogues 8.48/10 (aired on 10/20/2015)

When Barry and the team find out Captain Cold has been kidnapped, they form an uneasy alliance with…

S02E04 : The Fury of Firestorm 8.49/10 (aired on 10/27/2015)

Barry and the team look for another Firestorm match for Dr. Stein. When the team meets Jefferson…

S02E05 : The Darkness and the Light 8.88/10 (aired on 11/03/2015)

Barry learns a new breacher, Dr. Light, has come through the portal and sets off to capture her.…

S02E06 : Enter Zoom 9.49/10 (aired on 11/10/2015)

After recent events, Barry decides it’s time to confront Zoom and comes up with a dangerous plan.…

S02E07 : Gorilla Warfare 8.39/10 (aired on 11/17/2015)

Grodd returns to Central City and kidnaps Caitlin. Barry and team race to find her before it’s too…

S02E08 : Legends of Today (1) 9.19/10 (aired on 12/01/2015)

Vandal Savage arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders. After Vandal attacks…

S02E09 : Running to Stand Still 8.68/10 (aired on 12/08/2015)

When Mark Mardon AKA The Weather Wizard returns to break Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold and James…

S02E10 : Potential Energy 8.39/10 (aired on 01/19/2016)

Now that they've grown closer, Barry considers telling Patty that he is The Flash. Meanwhile, Joe…

S02E11 : The Reverse-Flash Returns 8.98/10 (aired on 01/26/2016)

When Cisco gets a vibe of Eobard Thawne, Barry and the team don’t believe it. But, after an attack…

S02E12 : Fast Lane 8.38/10 (aired on 02/02/2016)

Barry teams up with Wells to figure out a way to close the breaches, but they are distracted by a…

S02E13 : Welcome to Earth-2 9.39/10 (aired on 02/09/2016)

Barry, Wells and Cisco journey to Earth-2 to rescue Wells’ daughter, Jesse from Zoom. Barry is…

S02E14 : Escape from Earth-2 9.18/10 (aired on 02/16/2016)

On Earth-2, the team races to find Zoom's lair and asks for help from the most unexpected source.…

S02E15 : King Shark 8.69/10 (aired on 02/23/2016)

When King Shark escapes from an A.R.G.U.S. holding tank, Lila and Diggle travel to Central City to…

S02E16 : Trajectory 8.38/10 (aired on 03/22/2016)

Having arrived in town intent on creating maximum chaos, Trajectory’s antics are misinterpreted as…

S02E17 : Flash Back 9.18/10 (aired on 03/29/2016)

After discovering the true identity of Zoom, Barry is more determined than ever to stop him. To…

S02E18 : Versus Zoom 8.29/10 (aired on 04/19/2016)

Equipped with the tachyon device, Barry believes he is fast enough to stop Zoom and wants to open…

S02E19 : Back to Normal 7.69/10 (aired on 04/26/2016)

A meta-human with super strength named Griffin Grey mistakes Harry for Earth-1 Harrison Wells and…

S02E20 : Rupture 9.08/10 (aired on 05/03/2016)

Zoom arrives back on Earth-1 intent on taking over Central City. Barry and Wells come up with a…

S02E21 : The Runaway Dinosaur 8.89/10 (aired on 05/10/2016)

With Barry gone, the team must figure out a way to handle the return of an old enemy - Girder.…

S02E22 : Invincible 9.08/10 (aired on 05/17/2016)

After Zoom unleashes an army of Earth-2 meta-humans on Central City, Barry is shaken when he sees…

S02E23 : The Race of His Life 9.19/10 (aired on 05/24/2016)

Barry vows to stop Zoom after learning Zoom's true plans.
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