Season 2

In season 2, Vivian and Eddie leave Mt. Trace to make a fresh start in a small beachside town, where they meet Nikki and Tommy, the engaged couple running Emmy Lou’s Grill and vacation home Bare Feet Retreat, and Bodhi, the local handyman. Vivian starts working at Emmy Lou’s and Eddie quickly befriends Bodhi.

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S02E01 : Finding Reality (aired on 10/23/2018)

Vivian and Eddie leave Mt. Trace to make a fresh start in a small beachside town, where they meet…

S02E02 : Under Cover (aired on 10/23/2018)

Rob and Shelley run an operation called Rock Bottom Industries. In exchange for money, they stage…

S02E03 : Counting Problems (aired on 10/30/2018)

Adam has cured himself of his counting compulsion and rents the beach house for a getaway with his…

S02E04 : Killer Party (aired on 11/06/2018)

Bodhi looks for Eddie, who has gone missing. A guest named Tim returns to Bare Feet Retreat to…

S02E05 : Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (aired on 11/13/2018)

Mike and family hate spending every summer in a subpar vacation home far from the beach. To afford…

S02E06 : Invisible Son (aired on 11/20/2018)

Clem asks a stripper to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to convince his vacationing family…

S02E07 : Tonight You Become a Man (aired on 11/27/2018)

Anne and Scott leave their six-year-old son Sam alone in the vacation home to attend Beacharoo, the…

S02E08 : Let Me Put You on a Brief Hold (aired on 12/04/2018)

Logan is on vacation at Barefeet Retreat but his phone is broken. In India, customer service…

S02E09 : Everybody Loves Clark (aired on 12/11/2018)

Tommy surprises Nikki with a spontaneous wedding ceremony. Both are blithely oblivious to the fact…

S02E10 : Someplace Other Than Here (aired on 12/18/2018)

Dave is in an unhappy marriage and uses his family vacation as an excuse to finally stand up to his…
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