Season episodes list 4


S04E01 : A Cup Tea (aired on 01/03/2017)

Veronica tries to escape the Cryer Mansion. Jeffery is still trying to get a hold of Candace. Benny…

S04E02 : Waiting For Candace (aired on 01/10/2017)

Veronica and Katheryn have a fight. Benny holds hope that Candace will come through with the money.

S04E03 : It's OK to Love (aired on 01/17/2017)

Veronica is still trying to escape Katheryn's mansion. Erica called Candace to give her an update…

S04E04 : A Mother's Wisdom (aired on 01/24/2017)

Veronica wants to meet with Candace and Jeffery. Jim helps Katheryn clean up a mess she has created.

S04E05 : Brilliant Lawyers Lurking (aired on 01/31/2017)

Veronica brilliantly discovers a way to get Candace and Jeffery out of a precarious predicament.

S04E06 : A Hurricane Offshore (aired on 02/07/2017)

Veronica pays Erica a visit. Candace encounters Oscar again. Quit'a finds Wyatt's place and tells…

S04E07 : Pieces of the Puzzle (aired on 02/14/2017)

Veronica lets Jim know that if anything happens to her she has dirt on him. Hanna questions Benny…

S04E08 : Praying for Light (aired on 02/21/2017)

Veronica planted a camera in those flowers she delivered to Erica. Hanna does all she can to keep…

S04E09 : We All Need Forgiveness (aired on 02/28/2017)

Veronica tells Justin to stay away from Jeffery. Candace makes Charles her latest Mark.

S04E10 : Forget the Bubble (aired on 03/07/2017)

Veronica is pushing Jeffery's buttons. Erica is caught sleeping with David by War.

S04E11 : In Pursuit of Prey (aired on 03/14/2017)

Veronica tries to seduce Benny. Warlock looks for Candace, Mitch returns from jail. Katheryn leaves…

S04E12 : The Fallout From War (aired on 06/20/2017)

Veronica goes in a rage after Melissa attempts suicide in her bed. In the aftermath of the shootout…

S04E13 : My Grandson's War (aired on 06/27/2017)

Veronica and Katheryn came face-to-face. Katheryn was able to be the friend that Hanna needed in…

S04E14 : Mad Day (aired on 07/11/2017)

Veronica intervened and proved her skills by representing Benny, Jim taunted Veronica, Hanna found…

S04E15 : A Woman Under the Stairs (aired on 07/18/2017)

Veronica threatens to reveal Officer Justin's secret and accuses him of sexually harassing Jeffrey.…

S04E16 : Railroad (aired on 07/25/2017)

Veronica visits Melissa at the hospital. Katheryn helps Hanna deal with Benny's situation. Wyatt…

S04E17 : Elevator Seven (aired on 08/01/2017)

Veronica tried to confront Erica and David on the elevator about their relationship. Landon tries…

S04E18 : A Broken Mirror (aired on 08/08/2017)

Veronica catches Officer Justin in Jeffrey's hotel room, and records Officer Justin. Jim is trying…

S04E19 : Haunted by the Surname (aired on 08/15/2017)

Veronica is confronted by Officer Justin. Candace starts to see Erica for who she truly is. Candace…

S04E20 : The Enemy Called Trust (aired on 08/22/2017)

Veronica tells Landon to stay away her son. Jim is shocked to see that his house is on fire.…

S04E21 : Kate (aired on 08/29/2017)

Veronica makes Melissa clean her blood out of her bed. Jim and Katheryn implode with emotion. Jim…

S04E22 : For the Team (aired on 09/05/2017)

Veronica gives Jeffrey and Officer Justin an ultimatum. Candace and Benny are at odds with each…

S04E23 : The Veronica Show (aired on 09/12/2017)

Veronica does something that puts Officer Justin at rage. Candace struggles with sorrow and the…
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