Nathalie gains full control of the remaining parishioners; at the mall, Alex and Jay continue to grow closer until Eve intervenes; Adrian and the gang make a stop at Adrian's home; Kevin makes a shocking discovery.

Aired on 08/10/2017
43 :
6.16/10 • 201 voting

The Mist • S01E08
Morgan Spector Morgan SpectorKevin Copeland
Alyssa Sutherland Alyssa SutherlandEve Copeland
Gus Birney Gus BirneyAlex Copeland
Danica Curcic Danica CurcicMia Lambert
Okezie MorroBryan Hunt
Luke Cosgrove Luke CosgroveJay Heisel
Darren Pettie Darren PettieConnor Heisel
Russell Posner Russell PosnerAdrian Garff
Frances Conroy Frances ConroyNatalie Raven
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    The Mist

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    TV series

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    1 Season • 10 Episodes

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    5.3/10 (7 428 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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    60 :

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    Returning series