Season 5

The age old Mikaelson family has spent centuries fighting against legions of enemies. The original vampires have strived since the beginning of time to protect their family, no matter what the cost. The fifth and final season is no different as the Mikaelsons must once again count on the strength of their unbreakable family bond even after swearing to stay away from each other for good.

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S05E01 : Where You Left Your Heart (aired on 04/18/2018)

Desperate to see her father Klaus after seven years, Hope resorts to drastic measures to bring her…

S05E02 : One Wrong Turn On Bourbon (aired on 04/25/2018)

When a mysterious disappearance brings Klaus back to New Orleans, Hope looks forward to the…

S05E03 : Ne Me Quitte Pas (aired on 05/02/2018)

In the immediate aftermath of having his memory erased by Marcel, Elijah awakens to find himself in…

S05E04 : Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (aired on 05/09/2018)

Frustrated by the lack of progress made in the search for Hayley, Klaus turns up the heat by taking…

S05E05 : Don't It Just Break Your Heart (aired on 05/16/2018)

A mysterious clue sent to Klaus leads him one step closer to finding Hayley. Antoinette opens up to…

S05E06 : What, Will, I, Have, Left (aired on 05/30/2018)

After learning how she can get Hayley back, Hope sets off on a dangerous mission to end the mess…

S05E07 : God's Gonna Trouble the Water (aired on 06/06/2018)

Ivy reveals some startling news to Klaus about the dark magic that’s been keeping him away from his…

S05E08 : The Kindness of Strangers (aired on 06/13/2018)

As pressing matters rage on in New Orleans, the Mikaelson siblings find themselves forced to set…

S05E09 : We Have Not Long To Love (aired on 06/20/2018)

As Vincent, Marcel and Josh work to clean up the city, an uprising of purist vampires leads the…

S05E10 : There in the Disappearing Light (aired on 07/11/2018)

Klaus helps Hope cope with her pain in an unconventional way. A figure from Elijah's past comes…
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