Season episodes list 17


S17E01 : A Sister Smackdown (aired on 09/09/2013)

Creating A Dump Not Seeing Clearly

S17E02 : Commercial Contract Confusion (aired on 09/10/2013)

Letting A Lovely Lady Down Stinking Up The Joint Getting An Escalade Owner Excited

S17E03 : Contractor Painting Problems (aired on 09/11/2013)

Poor Painting Ringing Up A Lawsuit Keeping Too Much For Himself

S17E04 : A Bedbug Infestation (aired on 09/12/2013)

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Bumping It Up Making A Neighbor Weep Like A Willow

S17E05 : A High Priced Lawyer Gets Stiffed (aired on 09/13/2013)

Having An Attitude With An Attorney A Doggy Dilemma Double-Dribbling His Way Into Court

S17E06 : Claims of Assault Triggers a Domestic Disturbance (aired on 09/16/2013)

Going Ballistic Over An Ex Being Incomplete Running Out On A Roomie

S17E07 : A Fake Diamond Fiasco (aired on 09/17/2013)

Bejewling A Jewler Fooling Around With A Former Fiancé Not Trimming

S17E08 : Rubbing a Woman the Wrong Way (aired on 09/18/2013)

Rubbing A Woman The Wrong Way Being Real Fraudsters Ruining A Renter's Day

S17E09 : Work Place Havoc (aired on 09/19/2013)

Not Paying The Dough She Owes Blowing It, But Good Give Me Back My Money Honey

S17E10 : A Dental Disaster (aired on 09/20/2013)

Crowning Around Failing A Friend Having No Heart

S17E11 : Causing A Hairy Situation (aired on 09/23/2013)

Causing A Hairy Situation Getting A Guy Steamed Failing A Friend

S17E12 : Getting His Wife Hot (aired on 09/24/2013)

Getting His Wife Hot A Back-Up Crack Up Put Your Pit-Bull Down!

S17E13 : Rocking the Boat (aired on 09/25/2013)

Rocking The Boat Coming Up Short Being A Sloppy Sider

S17E14 : Driving a Guy Batty (aired on 09/26/2013)

Driving A Guy Batty A Doggone Mishap Damaging A Tranny

S17E15 : Storage Wars Between a Woman & Her Boyfriend’s Mom (aired on 09/27/2013)

Help Yourself Smoking Up The Joint Making No Shirt Sense

S17E16 : Scalped By a Stylist (aired on 09/30/2013)

Creating A Hairy Situation Blowing In The Wind Renting A Wreck

S17E17 : Brothers Battle It Out (aired on 10/01/2013)

Failing A Family Member Control Your Child Being Two Feet Too Short

S17E18 : A Foot Doctor Fiasco (aired on 10/02/2013)

Not Having Good Footing Once A Pooper, Always A Party Pooper Making Waves

S17E19 : Lawyering Up For Free? (aired on 10/03/2013)

Making Things Messier Being A Poor Payer Fouling Up A Friendship

S17E20 : Mr. Nice Guy Goes Berserk (aired on 10/04/2013)

Dressing Sexy For Someone Else Getting Paved Into Court Being Lazy About A Bed

S17E21 : A Dental Disaster (aired on 10/07/2013)

A Damaging Dentist Scratching A Customer The Wrong Way Stumping A Customer

S17E22 : You Said You'd Make My Son a Star (aired on 10/08/2013)

Not Getting The Picture Burning Up A Customer Unloading A Clunker

S17E23 : A Puppy Mauling (aired on 10/09/2013)

Poor Pit-Bull Protection Tricking A Trucker Woeful Wedding Gown Washing

S17E24 : A Best Friend Blowout (aired on 10/10/2013)

An Alarming Situation Give Me My Car You Cad Couching The Issue

S17E25 : You Threw My Kitty Away? (aired on 10/11/2013)

Pulling A Disappearing Act Snowing A Guy Dusting Off A Customer

S17E26 : Love for Sale (aired on 10/14/2013)

Cruising On A Relationship Being A Real Wheeler-Dealer Not Fixing It All

S17E27 : A Creative Clash Leads to a Return of Cash (aired on 10/15/2013)

Yelling CUT Too Soon Losing The Loot Unloading A Loser

S17E28 : A Catering Catastrophe (aired on 10/16/2013)

Cooking Up A Lawsuit Bugging Out A Home Buyer Not Letting A Guy In

S17E29 : A Contractor and Customer Collide (aired on 10/17/2013)

Cleaning A Guy's Clock A Co-Worker Coontroversy Backing Up & Cracking Up

S17E30 : Losing Out On a Lapsed Layaway (aired on 10/18/2013)

Firing Up A Customer Lackadaisical Landlording An Unsafe Safe Sale

S17E31 : Ruffled Feathers Over A Bird Battle (aired on 10/21/2013)

Plucking Your Way Into Court Failing To Yeild Cleaning A Woman Out

S17E32 : Stepping On a Stepdad (aired on 10/22/2013)

Letting A Step-Pop Down Causing Problems Gaming A Kid

S17E33 : A Car Loan Catastrophe (aired on 10/23/2013)

Letting An Auntie Down Being Bitter Over The Litter Not Finishing Up

S17E34 : Beauty Isn't Cheap (aired on 10/24/2013)

Getting Herself Skin Deep Backing Up Blind Being A Rotten-Roomie

S17E35 : Amateur Breeders Exposed (aired on 10/25/2013)

Going Doggone Crazy Fouling Up A Friendship Having One Too Many Hookah Parties

S17E36 : You Owe Me $7,000 In Vet Bills for My Sick Dog (aired on 10/28/2013)

Selling A Poor Puppy Squatting Unleashing A Lemon

S17E37 : A $15,000 Loan For a Man She Just Met?? (aired on 10/29/2013)

Harley Having An Excuse Not To Pay Flooring A Customer Gassing Up A Woman

S17E38 : The Music Died When the DJ Was Late To Their Wedding (aired on 10/30/2013)

Being A Wedding Wrecker Making A Mess Of Things Baing A Bad Car Guy

S17E39 : Her Sugar Daddy Sent Her To Modeling School (aired on 10/31/2013)

Not Paying A Guy Off A Real Trouble Maker Being A Concrete Nightmare

S17E40 : A Mother & Daughter's Emotional Battle (aired on 11/01/2013)

Being Mean To A Mom Leaving A Loan Shark High & Dry Flipping Out On A Motorist

S17E41 : You Ruined My Designer Sweatpants (aired on 11/04/2013)

Doing Nothing Junking Up A Pair Of Juicy's Being Lax On A Loan

S17E42 : A Roofer Rip Off (aired on 11/05/2013)

Being Sticky Fingered Being A Heavy Sleeper Lackadaisical Landlording

S17E43 : Your Trash Fell and Dented My Car (aired on 11/06/2013)

Trashing A Neighbor Not Playing Fair Stiffing A Minor

S17E44 : A Rockstar Friendship Ruined By Rumors (aired on 11/07/2013)

Talking Way Too Low Being Too Heavy-Handed Take Back Your Hunk O' Junk

S17E45 : Roommates Rumble (aired on 11/08/2013)

Some Friend That's One Mean Junkyard Dog It Does Not Compute

S17E46 : Your Daughter Is a Bully (aired on 11/11/2013)

Getting Into It Renting A Stinky Place Not Trimming

S17E47 : Precious Puppy Abuse (aired on 11/12/2013)

It's A Doggone Shame Not Being Too Faithful Pilfering A 50

S17E48 : Roommate's Romeo Needs To Pay Rent (aired on 11/13/2013)

Stiffing A Vet Running Out On A Roomate Causing A Shattering Situation

S17E49 : You Bought a Car Without Seeing It First? (aired on 11/14/2013)

Taking From A Tenant Bad Smelting Having Second Thoughts

S17E50 : Butting Heads With a Baby Sitter (aired on 11/15/2013)

Butting Heads With A Baby Sitter You're A Criminal & You Can't Live Here Two-Timing A Double-Crosser

S17E51 : You Can't Drive Away Attached to a Tow Truck (aired on 11/18/2013)

Towing The Line Not Playing Ball Causing A Family Pain

S17E52 : Custom Awning Catastrophe (aired on 11/19/2013)

Not Being Shady Being Flakey Keep That Beast In Your House

S17E53 : Rumors Ripped Them Apart (aired on 11/20/2013)

Not Phoning A Friend Not Owning Up To It Getting Painted Into A Corner

S17E54 : A Rocky Road To Recovery (aired on 11/21/2013)

Being A Real Clothes Horse Lousy Landscaping Making A Mercedes Disappear

S17E55 : Her Ride Was Damaged During REPO (aired on 11/22/2013)

Blowing A Tow Being A Wedding Wreker Not Trimming

S17E56 : That's One Crazy Dog (aired on 11/25/2013)

That's One Crazy Dog You're A Rat Being A One Man Wrecking Crew

S17E57 : Joyriding Gone Wrong (aired on 11/26/2013)

Cracking Up Stealing From An Ex It Does Not Compute

S17E58 : A Rental Ruckus After a Divorce (aired on 11/27/2013)

Backing Out Silencing A Master Of Ceremonies Backing Into A Lawsuit

S17E59 : Get Outta My House (aired on 11/28/2013)

Get Outta My House Not Controlling Her Little White Dog Being A Pain In The Glass

S17E60 : Ruined Relationship Over a Loan (aired on 11/29/2013)

Being A Real Heal Being A Tad Tardy Lumbering Along

S17E61 : Claims Of Adultery Triggers Late Night Fun (aired on 12/02/2013)

Chillin' Causing A Catastrophe Being A Phony

S17E62 : You Stole My Dog (aired on 12/03/2013)

Being Doggone Stubborn House Wrecking Unloading A Clunker

S17E63 : You Forged My Signature (aired on 12/04/2013)

Rotten-Renting Taking A Guy For A Ride Failing A Friend

S17E64 : A Fender Bender Fall-Out (aired on 12/05/2013)

Backing-Up & Cracking-Up Fouling Up A Funeral Rotten Renting Practices

S17E65 : Troubled Teen Turmoil (aired on 12/06/2013)

Painting The Town Pink Being A Troublemaker Not Having Any Money

S17E66 : A Broken Hearted Mom Sues Her Abusive Son (aired on 01/06/2014)

Making Mom Mad A Doggone Dilemma Jamaican Me Crazy

S17E67 : A Dog Walk Disaster (aired on 01/07/2014)

Musky The Husky Getting Painted Into A Corner Being Catty Over A Kitty

S17E68 : A Fresh Photographer (aired on 01/08/2014)

It's Not Working Out Heating Up A Landlord Dinging A Door

S17E69 : Storage Wars Between Exes (aired on 01/09/2014)

Trashing An Ex Lousy Lawyering Fouling Up A Floor

S17E70 : How Dare You Sell Me a Lemon (aired on 01/10/2014)

Unloading A Hooptie Taking Off With A Truck Pooping Out On A Puppy Purchase

S17E71 : A Painting Dilemma (aired on 01/13/2014)

Getting Painted Into A Corner Having A Very Short Fuse Banging A Biker

S17E72 : A Birthday Dress Disaster (aired on 01/14/2014)

Getting A Customer To Roar Keeping It All Clipping A Guy, But Good

S17E73 : Your Unleashed Dog Impregnated My Dog, Now Pay the Vet Bills (aired on 01/15/2014)

Dogging A Neighbor Not Delivering Making Things Worse

S17E74 : A Garage Construction Catastrophe (aired on 01/16/2014)

Running Off A Simultaneous Back-Up Ctack-Up Renting A Rat Trap

S17E75 : Tantrum Over a Ruined Table (aired on 01/17/2014)

Screwing Table Badly Having A Heart Attack Over A Mirror Improper Pawning

S17E76 : A Cat Catastrophe! (aired on 01/27/2014)

A Cat Catastrophe Being A Busy Body A Tailgating Mishap

S17E77 : Wretched Rear Window Repair (aired on 01/28/2014)

Failing To Finish A Job Being Wishy-Washy Touching Off A Firestorm

S17E78 : You Owe Me Two More Dining Room Chairs (aired on 01/29/2014)

Shortchanging A Customer It's Raining Debris From Above Wrongful Renting

S17E79 : Fouling Up a Friendship (aired on 01/30/2014)

Fouling Up A Friendship A Derriere Dent Unbrotherly Love

S17E80 : Ticking Off a Tenant (aired on 01/31/2014)

Ticking Off A Tenant It Doesn't Add Up Failing A Friendship

S17E81 : A Car Loan Crashes and Burns (aired on 02/03/2014)

Annoying An Aunt Paying Poorly For A Pool Letting A Lady Down

S17E82 : Rental Car Ruckus (aired on 02/04/2014)

Failing A Friend Dissing A Private Eye Making A Mother Mad

S17E83 : Busted Big-Screen Bash (aired on 02/05/2014)

Making A Woman Scream Over A Broken Screen Rotten Renting Steering A Customer Wrong

S17E84 : Nasty Neighborhood Confrontation Over Lousy Landscaping (aired on 02/06/2014)

The Root Of All Evil Not Letting Go Pay Up Or Else

S17E85 : I Paid for Your Vacation: Now Pay Me Back (aired on 02/07/2014)

Discharging A Friendship Come Get Your Darn Couch Having A Bad Case Of The Shingles

S17E86 : Altercation Over a Dress Alteration (aired on 02/10/2014)

Strapping A Customer Changing Her Mind Alienating An Aunt

S17E87 : Seduced out of Big Bucks (aired on 02/11/2014)

Cutting Off An Ex Being A Bumper Thumper Ticking Off A Tenant

S17E88 : Custom Shoe Catastrophe (aired on 02/12/2014)

A Shoddy Cobbler Pulling Out Too Early Spraying Gravel

S17E89 : You Owe My Dead Father Money (aired on 02/13/2014)

Ducking Out On A Debt Ruining A Renter's Day Being Carted Off To Court

S17E90 : Furniture Finance Fiasco (aired on 02/14/2014)

Not Delivering Going Berserk The Wishy-Washy Tenant

S17E91 : Friends No More (aired on 02/17/2014)

Making A Mess Of Things A Condo Catastrophe Faking It For Furniture

S17E92 : Did a Stranger Steal Her Laundry? (aired on 02/18/2014)

Lousy-Laundering A Scary Hairy Backing Up & Cracking Up

S17E93 : Child Care Crisis (aired on 02/19/2014)

Dodging In Full Trouncing A Tranny Not Waiting Forever

S17E94 : Bridesmaids Battle Over a Loan (aired on 02/20/2014)

Breaking A Bride's Heart Chilling Out A Customer Rocking The Boat

S17E95 : A Relationship Texting Turmoil (aired on 02/21/2014)

Conning A Lover Out Of Her Money Having A Difference Of Opinion Crushing A Car

S17E96 : Pedaling Into a Lawsuit (aired on 02/24/2014)

Peadling Into A Lawsuit Striking Out With A Friend Causing A Hairy Situation

S17E97 : Who Is the Father of Your Baby? (aired on 02/25/2014)

Making An Ex's Mom Mad Rotten Roomie Being Un-Entitled

S17E98 : You Took a Friend on Vacation and Left Your Husband at Home! (aired on 02/26/2014)

Backing Out Of A Bridal Shower Letting A Good Friend Down Getting Catty Over The Caddy

S17E99 : A Father Leaves His Family (aired on 02/27/2014)

Lazy Landlording Stealing A Guy's Stash Not Moving It Along

S17E100 : Contractor Conman (aired on 02/28/2014)

Taking The Money & Running Pooping Out On A Poor Painter Being A Rotten-Renter

S17E101 : Caught in a Sublet Scam (aired on 03/03/2014)

Sticking Up For His Rights Ding-Ding-Ding Having No Sole

S17E102 : Camera Catastrophe (aired on 03/04/2014)

Not Getting The Picture Not Paying A Painter Breaking & Entering

S17E103 : Air Conditioning Disaster (aired on 03/05/2014)

Running Out On The Bill Running Out On The Rent Locking Out A Louse

S17E104 : A Jeep Jalopy (aired on 03/06/2014)

Failing A Friendship Making A Fine Mess Of Things Copping Out On A Carpenter

S17E105 : He Threw My $500 Car Keys Out The Window! (aired on 03/07/2014)

Having Bad Aim Taking Off Causing A Guy To Lose His Bike

S17E106 : You Gave My Dog Away! (aired on 03/10/2014)

Giving Harry A Better Home Flip-Flopping On A Tenant Being A Rear Ender

S17E107 : Move In Madness (aired on 03/11/2014)

Taking His Sweet Time Cracking Up A Customer Selling Out

S17E108 : Kitchen Catastrophe (aired on 03/12/2014)

Doing Nothing A One Man Wrecking Crew Smoking Out A Tenant

S17E109 : Party Problems (aired on 03/13/2014)

Pooping Out On A Party Causing A Doggy Dilemma Getting Mad With A Tenant

S17E110 : Tree Trimming Dilemma (aired on 03/14/2014)

Being A Dumbo Not Giving Enough Support Running Out Of Rooms

S17E111 : Neighbor Nightmare (aired on 04/14/2014)

Hey, Stay Away Taking A Guy For A Long Ride Not Treating A Tranny Right

S17E112 : Canine Rampage (aired on 04/15/2014)

Losing Control Taking It Out On A Tenant Selling A Bum Bike

S17E113 : My Landlord Went Through My Underwear Drawer (aired on 04/16/2014)

Breaking & Entering Being A Phone Phony Letting A Lady Down

S17E114 : Caught Fleeing the Scene of an Accident (aired on 04/17/2014)

Watch Where You're Going Faking It Bad Breeding

S17E115 : You Ruined My Laptop (aired on 04/18/2014)

Lapping It Up Holding On Tight No Cookin' For You

S17E116 : My Car Disappeared (aired on 04/21/2014)

Plumb Out Of Luck A Poor Screening Hiding Something

S17E117 : Teeth Turmoil (aired on 04/22/2014)

Being Dental Damned Arriving Too Late Not Being Ready To Rent

S17E118 : Boat Debacle (aired on 04/23/2014)

Sinking A Guy's Dreams Get Out Of My House Look Around

S17E119 : You Cheated With My Best Friend! (aired on 04/24/2014)

Doing An Ex Wrong Copping Out On A Couch

S17E120 : You Destroyed My Cell Phone (aired on 04/25/2014)

Being Phony Stealing Security A Back-Up, Crack-Up

S17E121 : Your Loose Pig Caused Me To Crash (aired on 04/28/2014)

Causing A Piggly-Wiggly Crack-Up Being A Big Pretender Letting A Girlfriend Down

S17E122 : Violent Showdown Over Lawn Work (aired on 04/29/2014)

Making A Guy Mad Being A Rotten Roomie Backing Out On A Deal

S17E123 : Secret Sex Sessions Caught On Tape (aired on 04/30/2014)

Busting Up A Bike Staking His Claim Keeping A Guy's Money

S17E124 : Singing The Blues (aired on 05/01/2014)

Letting The Music Die Holding On Tight, Real Tight Copping Out On A Cousin

S17E125 : Car Buyer Remorse (aired on 05/02/2014)

Snatching A Car Off The Street Taking A Woman's Water Money A Doggy Dilemma

S17E126 : A Physical Fight Over Their Child (aired on 05/05/2014)

Cracking Up Shoddy Shipping Unloading A Lemon

S17E127 : Drunken Car Destruction (aired on 05/06/2014)

Getting A Girl Hot & Bothered Hold Onto Your Crazed Dog Ticking Off A Tenant

S17E128 : In Tears Over A Custom Rain Coat (aired on 05/07/2014)

Refusing To Ride On Anyone's Coat Tails Give Me Back My Money Refusing To Budge

S17E129 : Extorted By A Realtor? (aired on 05/08/2014)

Stiffing A Broker, But Good Being A Cold-Hearted Thief Making Promises

S17E130 : A TV Tears Up A Friendship (aired on 05/09/2014)

Taking But Not Giving Foregoing A Fee Having Trouble With A Tranny

S17E131 : Racist Rampage In Court (aired on 05/12/2014)

Being A Nasty Neighbor Sticking It To An Ex Being A Cad Producer

S17E132 : I Lied To My Pregnant Wife And Loaned My Ex $3,000 (aired on 05/13/2014)

Avoiding An Ex At All Costs Trucking Things Up Aggrivating An Employer

S17E133 : He Hit Me And I Hit Him Back (aired on 05/14/2014)

Losing It Over An Ex Not Having A Heart Not Looking Around

S17E134 : Dance Class Disaster (aired on 05/15/2014)

Owning A Pole That Takes A Toll Hitting A Guy Where It Hurts Crashing On A Customer

S17E135 : Lousy Limo Driver Left A Family Of Six Stranded (aired on 05/16/2014)

Lousy Limo'ing Rotten Renting Ruining A Girlfriend's Day

S17E136 : Brutal Breakup! (aired on 05/19/2014)

Letting A Lover Down Being A Real Ghoul Making A Mountain Out Of A Mold Hill

S17E137 : Video Game Emergency (aired on 05/20/2014)

Being A Boob Over A Tube Selling A Puppy On Poor Health That's My Rototiller

S17E138 : My Ex Wife And Mother-in-law Stole My Jewelry (aired on 05/21/2014)

Making Off With Jewels What Happened To Munchie?

S17E139 : Music Mogul Mayhem (aired on 05/22/2014)

Letting The Music Die Ignoring A Tranny Taking Things That Aren't Hers

S17E140 : Dishwasher Didn't Work For Free (aired on 05/23/2014)

Washing His Hands Of It Cutting It A Little Too Close Lousy Landlording

S17E141 : Freezing Out A Customer (aired on 05/26/2014)

Freezing A Woman Out Breaking & Entering Hooking It

S17E142 : Tow Truck Tussle (aired on 05/27/2014)

A Low Blow Tow Stiffing A Driller Standing Firm

S17E143 : Car Crisis Crushes A Friendship (aired on 05/28/2014)

Fouling Up A Friendship Ticking Off A Tenant Watch Your Dog BUSTER

S17E144 : My Sister Swiped My Sneakers! (aired on 05/29/2014)

Lifting Some Kicks Ruining A Roommate's Love Life Being A Rotten Repairer

S17E145 : You Stole My Dog! (aired on 05/30/2014)

Dog Snatching Snatching A Car Off The Street Bailing On A Bathroom Guy

S17E146 : An Abandoned Daughter Takes Her Father To Court (aired on 06/09/2014)

Dissing A Daughter Taking It Out On An Ex

S17E147 : A Family In Crisis Over Borrowed Money (aired on 06/10/2014)

You Ruined My Birthday Being Forthcoming Causing A Whellie Big Scene

S17E148 : Some Friend: You Stole My Phone! (aired on 06/11/2014)

Being A Sticky Fingered Friend Ticking Off A Tenant A Bus Bust

S17E149 : Roommate Ruckus (aired on 06/12/2014)

Not Paying His Fair Share Causing A Wreck Trucking It Up

S17E150 : Your Apartment Is a Disaster (aired on 06/13/2014)

Lousy Landlording Unloading A Clunker Leading A Lady Astray

S17E151 : A Ruckus Over Roaches! (aired on 06/16/2014)

Bugging Out A Tenant Getting Touchy Over A Title A Real Snow Job

S17E152 : Signing Off (aired on 06/17/2014)

Lighting Things Up With A Customer Blowing It Renting Out A Wreck

S17E153 : Hair Extension Horror (aired on 06/18/2014)

Being A Little Too Thin A Doggone Fiasco Trucking It Up

S17E154 : Dog Fight Dilemma (aired on 06/19/2014)

Having Vicious Propensities Cratering A Car Falling Too Far Behind

S17E155 : Construction Catastrophe (aired on 06/20/2014)

Cutting Corners Not Playing Nice Standing His Ground

S17E156 : Cruise Catastrophe (aired on 06/23/2014)

Pooping Out On Paying For A Cruise Knocking Things Out Of Whack Being Wishy Washy

S17E157 : I will Pay You Back For Sexual Favors (aired on 06/24/2014)

Taking Advantage Of An Ex Being A Fire Starter Not Getting The Picture

S17E158 : Contract Crisis (aired on 06/25/2014)

Taking Her Sweet Time What Kind Of Girl Are You? A Big Whiffer

S17E159 : Tenants Terrorized By Landlords Pooch (aired on 06/26/2014)

A Junkyard Dog Being A Big Party Pooper Not Shopping On A Dime

S17E160 : Lousy Landlording (aired on 06/27/2014)

Being A Rotten Renter Running A Red Light Refusing An Accountant's Accounting

S17E161 : A Car Catastrophe (aired on 06/30/2014)

A Car Catastrophe A Royal Rip Off Saying Bon Voyage To An Ex

S17E162 : My Landlord Stole My TV (aired on 07/01/2014)

Driving A Tenant To Despair Causing Trouble Taking A Worker To The Cleaners

S17E163 : You Sold Me A Fake Guitar (aired on 07/02/2014)

Stringing A Guy Along Move That Darn Pipe Lacking In The Landlord Department

S17E164 : Emotional Mother VS. Daughter (aired on 07/03/2014)

Not Being Very Nice To A Mother Acting In A Very Falsetto Manner Getting A Little Too Close

S17E165 : Drum Set Debacle (aired on 07/04/2014)

Banging On A Dee Drum All Day Blowing The Tow Not Giving Back A Tenant Her Money

S17E166 : A Snowy Situation (aired on 07/07/2014)

Snowing Her Tenants Tossing A TV Camping It Up

S17E167 : Family Friction (aired on 07/08/2014)

Fouling Up A Family He Hit Me...He Hit Me!!! Making A Tenant Hot

S17E168 : Lousy Lawyering (aired on 07/09/2014)

Not Seeing It Through Taking Off With A Guy's Wheels Flaking Out

S17E169 : Sisters Square Off In Court (aired on 07/10/2014)

Dissing A Sister Making A Tenant Doggone Mad Yawning Over A Falling Awning

S17E170 : You Have To Pay Me To Move Out (aired on 07/11/2014)

Kicking A Woman To The Curb Backing Her Up Slowly Please Causing Hair Despair
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