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S01E01 : Pilot (aired on 01/21/2018)

On his first day as an intern, an idealistic DR. DEVON PRAVESH faces the harsh realities of medical…

S01E02 : Independence Day (aired on 01/22/2018)

Conrad receives the call he's been waiting for when a heart becomes available for a patient who has…

S01E03 : Comrades in Arms (aired on 01/29/2018)

An old army buddy and fellow surgeon visits Conrad at the hospital. Meanwhile, the team is put to…

S01E04 : Identity Crisis (aired on 02/05/2018)

After a mix-up in the ER causes Conrad to deliver a death notification to the wrong family, he sets…

S01E05 : None the Wiser (aired on 02/26/2018)

Three concurrent surgeries at the hospital push its staff to the limits. Determined to ease the…

S01E06 : No Matter the Cost (aired on 03/05/2018)

As Conrad battles a group of overly aggressive attending physicians on behalf of a patient with a…

S01E07 : The Elopement (aired on 03/12/2018)

Conrad goes head-to-head with Lane when he disagrees with her over a treatment plan for a terminal…

S01E08 : Family Affair (aired on 03/19/2018)

Much to Bell's dismay, Nic and Conrad decide to admit a homeless Jane Doe, whom they suspect was…

S01E09 : Lost Love (aired on 03/26/2018)

Conrad's ex-fiancé, Catherine, is admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain that proves to be…

S01E10 : Haunted (aired on 04/16/2018)

Conrad is hit by a bike and badly sprains his ankle, but works through it when he takes the case of…

S01E11 : And the Nurses Get Screwed (aired on 04/23/2018)

When Nic finds herself under investigation in Lily's death, Conrad comes to her defense, but ends…

S01E12 : Rude Awakenings and the Raptor (aired on 04/30/2018)

Conrad and Devon work tirelessly to save the life of Bradley, a fellow doctor who has fallen…

S01E13 : Run, Doctor, Run (aired on 05/07/2018)

Devon and Conrad race against the clock to save the life of a woman who is deteriorating fast from…

S01E14 : Total Eclipse of the Heart (aired on 05/14/2018)

In a final and drastic attempt to save Nic from Lane's acts of sabotage, Conrad must call in a…

S01E15 : Queens (aired on 02/18/2019)

Bell's confidence in Quovadis continues to waver when the poster child for one of its medical…
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