Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : 00:42:30 (aired on 09/24/2018)

A blackout at Chastain Memorial Hospital requires the staff to treat their patients without the…

S02E02 : The Prince & The Pauper (aired on 10/01/2018)

Bell grows frustrated when Marshall Winthrop, Conrad's dad and new chairman of the board, requests…

S02E03 : Three Words (aired on 10/08/2018)

Nic and Conrad contemplate their past when they team up to diagnose a happy husband and wife who…

S02E04 : About Time (aired on 10/15/2018)

Chastain is flooded with concert goers when a stampede at a music festival grounds leaves many in…

S02E05 : The Germ (aired on 10/22/2018)

When Bell makes the executive call to utilize Julian Booth's medical devices, rather than the…

S02E06 : Nightmares (aired on 10/29/2018)

Halloween at Chastain proves to be just as spooky as ever when Conrad is tasked with diagnosing a…

S02E07 : Trial & Error (aired on 11/05/2018)

When patients from the hospital's prescription drug trial start suffering life threatening side…

S02E08 : Heart in a Box (aired on 11/19/2018)

Conrad goes head-to-head with Bell after he recommends one of Julian's risky medical devices to…

S02E09 : The Dance (aired on 11/26/2018)

Devon's doubts about his relationship reach a peak as his friends and family gather for his big…

S02E10 : After the Fall (aired on 01/14/2019)

Lane Hunter's victims and their families become outraged when she is released from prison. Bell,…

S02E11 : Operator Error (aired on 01/21/2019)

When a medical device fails on a former Chastain employee, an investigation is opened up, which…

S02E12 : Fear Finds a Way (aired on 01/28/2019)

When a nasty flu season turns out to be masking a terribly infectious disease, Chastain must race…

S02E13 : Virtually Impossible (aired on 02/04/2019)

Conrad, Kit, Mina and the Raptor work to save the life of a med student in need of a triple-organ…

S02E14 : Stupid Things in the Name of Sex (aired on 02/11/2019)

When Conrad's attempt to surprise Nic with a lavish Valentine's Day dinner is foiled, he gives the…

S02E15 : Queens (aired on 02/18/2019)

Bell's confidence in Quovadis continues to waver when the poster child for one of its medical…

S02E16 : Adverse Events (aired on 03/04/2019)

The surgeons are determined to shut down Quovadis after Henry Barnett almost loses his life due to…

S02E17 : Betrayal (aired on 03/18/2019)

The surgeons work together to save the life of the Raptor's old mentor, Abe, who is their only…

S02E18 : Emergency Contact (aired on 03/25/2019)

Chastain picks up the pieces after the fall out with the corrupt medical device company Quovadis,…

S02E19 : Snowed In (aired on 04/01/2019)

When Atlanta is struck by a severe snowstorm, Mina must perform a big surgery - without the help of…

S02E20 : If Not Now, When? (aired on 04/15/2019)

Devon grows concerned when a mother's complaints go unaddressed after her delivery, and pushes Bell…

S02E21 : Stuck as Foretold (aired on 04/22/2019)

When the hospital has a severe blood shortage, Conrad must try every avenue to save a patient's…

S02E22 : Broker and Broker (aired on 04/29/2019)

When a lottery winner is admitted to the hospital, Bell turns to him as a potential solution to…

S02E23 : The Unbefriended (aired on 05/06/2019)

In an effort to save Chastain, Bell considers selling the hospital to a conglomerate, but Kit tries…
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