Season 3

In season three, the federal wiretap begins and Meadow goes to college. Tony faces challenges from some tough newcomers, such as hothead Ralph Cifaretto, New York crime boss Johnny Sack and a sexy car saleswoman.

Season episodes list 3


S03E01 : Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood 8.68/10 (aired on 03/04/2001)

While the Soprano family goes about their day-to-day activities, the FBI begins an elaborate…

S03E02 : Proshai, Livushka 8.67/10 (aired on 03/04/2001)

Racial tensions flair and Tony suffers another panic attack when he meets Meadow's new boyfriend…

S03E03 : Fortunate Son 8.57/10 (aired on 03/11/2001)

Melfi starts to push Tony in his therapy and Tony uncovers some disturbing memories from his…

S03E04 : Employee of the Month 8.97/10 (aired on 03/18/2001)

Ralphie introduces Jackie Jr. to the muscle end of his business, which doesn't go over well with…

S03E05 : Another Toothpick 8.67/10 (aired on 03/25/2001)

Bobby's cancer-ridden father comes out of retirement to do a hit. Meanwhile, Junior is given some…

S03E06 : University 8.67/10 (aired on 04/01/2001)

Ralphie gets violent with a Bing dancer when his temper gets the better of him. He and Tony come to…

S03E07 : Second Opinion 8.58/10 (aired on 04/08/2001)

Junior undergoes surgery for his cancer, but Tony must step in when Junior's doctor ignores his…

S03E08 : He Is Risen 8.48/10 (aired on 04/15/2001)

Tony's feud with Ralphie escalates when Ralphie is passed over for promotion. Meadow and Jackie…

S03E09 : The Telltale Moozadell 8.38/10 (aired on 04/22/2001)

Tony's relationship with Gloria heats up when they pay a visit to the Bronx Zoo. A.J. is busted for…

S03E10 : To Save Us All From Satan's Power 8.57/10 (aired on 04/29/2001)

Tony finds himself singing the Christmas blues as the holidays approach. He and Furio retaliate…

S03E11 : Pine Barrens 9.58/10 (aired on 05/06/2001)

While on a collection errand, Paulie and Christopher find themselves thrust into a deadly chase…

S03E12 : Amour Fou 9.07/10 (aired on 05/13/2001)

Tony must lay down the law with a distraught Gloria when she threatens to expose their affair to…

S03E13 : Army of One 8.87/10 (aired on 05/20/2001)

Tony and Carmela quarrel over the prospect of sending A.J. to military school after he is…
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