The spectre of disloyalty among the crew hangs over Tony as Phil Leotardo decides how to handle recent issues with the Soprano crime family; a hit gone wrong comes at a huge cost; A.J.'s conquering of his depression is challenged

Aired on 06/03/2007
49 :
9.38/10 • 2569 voting

The Sopranos • S06E20
Georgianne WalkenCasting
Sheila JaffeCasting
Ilene S. LandressExecutive Producer
Robin GreenExecutive Producer
David ChaseExecutive Producer
Mitchell BurgessExecutive Producer
Matthew WeinerExecutive Producer
Brad GreyExecutive Producer
Gianna Maria SmartProducer
Andrew SchneiderProducer
Diane FrolovProducer
Frank RenzulliProducer
Allen CoulterProducer
Todd A. KesslerProducer
Martin BruestleProducer
Henry J. BronchteinProducer
Terence WinterProducer
Juliet PolcsaCostume Design
Bob ShawProduction Design
Alan TaylorDirector
Matthew WeinerWriter
David ChaseWriter
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    The Sopranos

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    6 Seasons • 86 Episodes

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    9.14/10 (229 952 voting)

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