Season 2

During World War II, a series of bizarre deaths haunt a Japanese-American community, and a young man attempts to understand and combat the malevolent entity responsible.

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S02E01 : A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest (aired on 08/12/2019)

In 1941, Chester Nakayama finds himself caught between his insular Japanese American neighborhoodon…

S02E02 : Infamy: All the Demons Are Still in Hell (aired on 08/19/2019)

After Pearl Harbor, the Terminal Islanders are evicted from their homes and must find shelter…

S02E03 : Infamy: Gaman (aired on 08/26/2019)

As the Terminal Islanders adjust to their new surroundings, Chester tries to provide for his…

S02E04 : Infamy: The Weak Are Meat (aired on 09/02/2019)

Chester, in search of a better life, is treated with hostility by his fellow Americans; Luz hopes…

S02E05 : Infamy: Shatter Like a Pearl (aired on 09/09/2019)

The Japanese Americans are forced to undertake a humiliating exercise that divides the community;…

S02E06 : Infamy: Taizo (aired on 09/16/2019)

A story of the past provides insight into the present evil that stalks the Terminal Islanders;…

S02E07 : Infamy: My Perfect World (aired on 09/23/2019)

The Nakayamas have been torn apart; Chester searches for the person he believes can help, by any…

S02E08 : Infamy: My Sweet Boy (aired on 09/30/2019)

Chester and Luz have reached a turning point in their relationship; Amy must take matters into her…

S02E09 : Infamy: Come and Get Me (aired on 10/07/2019)

The Terminal Islanders return home to find that things have changed since they left; the Nakayamas,…

S02E10 : Infamy: Into the Afterlife (aired on 10/14/2019)

Henry and Asako look to the past to provide answers to their current turmoil; Chester and Luz…
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