Season 2

The second season of The Twilight Zone aired Fridays at 10:00–10:30 pm on CBS from September 30, 1960 to June 2, 1961. There are 29 episodes.

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S02E01 : King Nine Will Not Return 6.9/10 (aired on 09/30/1960)

A WWII captain finds himself in the desert, next to his crashed plane. Where is his crew? And why…

S02E02 : The Man in the Bottle 7.5/10 (aired on 10/07/1960)

A discontented curio shop owner thinks he's finally found happiness when a genie he discovers in an…

S02E03 : Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room 7/10 (aired on 10/14/1960)

Ordered to commit a murder he doesn't want to perform, a smalltime hood nervously looks in the…

S02E04 : A Thing About Machines 6.5/10 (aired on 10/28/1960)

A writer feels that the machines in his house are conspiring against him.

S02E05 : The Howling Man 8.39/10 (aired on 11/04/1960)

A man, on a walking trip of Europe, gets caught in a storm. He finds remote monastery that contains…

S02E06 : The Eye of the Beholder 9.19/10 (aired on 11/11/1960)

A young woman undergoes ""experimental treatments"" in an attempt to make her appear ""normal"".

S02E07 : Nick of Time 8.5/10 (aired on 11/18/1960)

A superstitious newlywed becomes obsessed by a penny fortune-telling machine when he and his new…

S02E08 : The Lateness of the Hour 7.21/10 (aired on 12/02/1960)

Dr. Loren enjoys the faultless robot servants he has invented. His daughter, however, feels…

S02E09 : The Trouble with Templeton 7.39/10 (aired on 12/09/1960)

Booth Templeton is an aging actor who longs for the old days when his wife was alive. …

S02E10 : A Most Unusual Camera 7.7/10 (aired on 12/16/1960)

Chester Diedrich and his wife Paula, after burglarizing a curio shop, end up with a camera that…

S02E11 : The Night of the Meek 8.09/10 (aired on 12/23/1960)

A down-on-his-luck department store Santa Claus discovers a bottomless sack of toys.

S02E12 : Dust 7/10 (aired on 01/06/1961)

After selling the rope for a hanging, a conscienceless peddler, tries to sell the condemned man's…

S02E13 : Back There 7.8/10 (aired on 01/13/1961)

It's April 14, 1961. Peter Corrigan and friends are discussing time travel at their men's club,…

S02E14 : The Whole Truth 6.5/10 (aired on 01/20/1961)

A peculiar Model A automobile compels a used car dealer to tell only the truth.

S02E15 : The Invaders 8.4/10 (aired on 01/27/1961)

An old woman in an isolated farmhouse encounters tiny, hostile aliens.

S02E16 : A Penny For Your Thoughts 8.2/10 (aired on 02/03/1961)

The lucky flip of a coin seems to give a mild-mannered bank clerk the power to read minds. But he…

S02E17 : Twenty Two 7.99/10 (aired on 02/10/1961)

Miss Powell has a recurring nightmare about room 22 in a morgue.

S02E18 : The Odyssey of Flight 33 8.09/10 (aired on 02/24/1961)

A commercial aircraft mysteriously travels back through time.

S02E19 : Mr. Dingle, the Strong 6.9/10 (aired on 03/03/1961)

Martians give Luther Dingle the strength of 300 men.

S02E20 : Static 6.9/10 (aired on 03/10/1961)

Ed Lindsay hates television, so he gets his old radio out of the basement of the boardinghouse…

S02E21 : The Prime Mover 7.29/10 (aired on 03/24/1961)

Ace Larsen discovers his business partner (Buddy Ebsen) has the ability to control objects with his…

S02E22 : Long Distance Call 7.7/10 (aired on 03/31/1961)

A young boy find he can communicate with his dead grandmother through a toy phone.

S02E23 : A Hundred Yards over the Rim 8.29/10 (aired on 04/07/1961)

In 1847 a western settler sets out to find medicine for his dying son - and stumbles into…

S02E24 : The Rip Van Winkle Caper 7.9/10 (aired on 04/21/1961)

Thieves put themselves into suspended animation for 100 years after hiding a million dollars worth…

S02E25 : The Silence 8.6/10 (aired on 04/28/1961)

Archie Taylor, who wants his men's club quiet, offers Jamie Tennyson half a million dollars to…

S02E26 : Shadow Play 8.49/10 (aired on 05/05/1961)

Trapped in a recurring nightmare, Adam Grant tries to persuade those who are sentencing him to…

S02E27 : The Mind and the Matter 6.7/10 (aired on 05/12/1961)

A book on the power of thought enables an irritable worker (Shelley Berman) to re-create the world…

S02E28 : Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up 8.8/10 (aired on 05/26/1961)

State troopers follow tracks from an unidentified flying object to a diner where they try to…

S02E29 : The Obsolete Man 8.69/10 (aired on 06/02/1961)

In a future state where religion and books have been banned, a librarian (Burgess Meridith) is…
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