"They used to make steel there, no?" -- Spiros Vondas Ziggy's inability to move a package costs him the Camaro and nearly his life, until Nick intercedes for him; Daniels reaches an understanding with Carver before placing him on the detail; with the help of Bubbles, McNulty delivers Omar to Nathan, who's less than thrilled with her star witness; with Lester transferred to the detail, Daniels gets things moving by sending Herc, Carver, and Greggs out for some hand-to-hands; saddled with Cole, Bunk and Russell end up empty-handed after they haul Sobotka's crew before the grand jury; Russell reaches out to her checker ex-boyfriend and gets information that Sobotka manages to explain away; Nick's dream of home ownership is dashed when Elena, the listing agent for his aunt's house, makes it clear he's priced out of the market; Dee gets a visit from Terrell and Donette, warning her that it's just about business and not to be too impressed with the family love line she's being handed, news that doesn't sit well with Stringer; Bodie has personnel problems in the pit; Valchek lifts a print from the latest picture of the van, which has made its way to San Diego; Stringer gets some advice from his business professor on his supply problem which he passes along to the crew; after The Greek refuses to meet with Sobotka, he calls their deal off, but changes his mind when they triple his fee for each can; McNulty goes to the feds for information on the pross operation but comes away empty-handed when the women refuse to give up what they know without a deal on the table; Ziggy and Nick go surfing and discover that chemicals the Greeks have ordered are used to process coca leaves into cocaine; Daniels agrees to share information with Bunk and Russell, but won't take the bodies without a suspect.

Aired on 06/29/2003
57 :
8.28/10 • 1816 voting

The Wire • S02E05
Dominic West Dominic WestJimmy McNulty
Lance Reddick Lance ReddickCedric Daniels
Sonja Sohn Sonja SohnKima Greggs
Wood Harris Wood HarrisAvon Barksdale
Wendell Pierce Wendell PierceBunk Moreland
Clarke Peters Clarke PetersLester Freamon
Michael Kenneth Williams Michael Kenneth WilliamsOmar Little
Deirdre Lovejoy Deirdre LovejoyRhonda Pearlman
J.D. Williams J.D. WilliamsBodie Broadus
Andre Royo Andre RoyoBubbles
Seth Gilliam Seth GilliamEllis Carver
Frankie Faison Frankie FaisonErvin Burrell
Domenick Lombardozzi Domenick LombardozziHerc
Corey Parker Robinson Corey Parker RobinsonLeander Sydnor
Isiah Whitlock Jr. Isiah Whitlock Jr.Clay Davis
Michael Kostroff Michael KostroffMaurice Levy
John Doman John DomanWilliam Rawls
Callie Thorne Callie Thorne
Method Man Method Man
Chris Ashworth Chris Ashworth
Ed BurnsProducer
George PelecanosProducer
Eric OvermyerProducer
Nina Kostroff-NobleExecutive Producer
Joe ChappelleCo-Executive Producer
David SimonExecutive Producer
David SimonWriter
Ed BurnsWriter
Steve ShillDirector
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