Everyone finds out who the real angel is. Jae Hee confronts his father about Jin Soo A. Jung Hwan says that she is very precious to him and tells him to protect her.

Aired on 01/15/2018

Two Cops • S01E29
Jo Jung-suk Jo Jung-sukCha Dong-Tak / Gong Su-Chang
Lee Hye-ri Lee Hye-riSong Ji-An
Kim Sun-hoKong Soo-Chang
Hoya HoyaDokgo Sung-Hyeok
Lee Si-eon Lee Si-eonYong-Pal
Moon Ji-In Moon Ji-InGil Da-Jung
Jeong Hae-gyoon Jeong Hae-gyoonMa Jin-Kook
Choi Il-hwa Choi Il-hwaTak Jung-Hwan
Lee Dae-Yeon Lee Dae-YeonYoo Jung-Man
Lee Jae-won Lee Jae-wonLee Doo-Sik
Im Se-Mi Im Se-MiKo Bong-Sook
Oh Eui-Sik Oh Eui-SikLee Ho-Tae
Jo Woo-Ri Jo Woo-RiMin-A
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