Dong Tak is captured by Jung Hwan's men and is brought to him. Soo A takes the lighter from Dong Tak and hands it over to Jung Hwan. At that place, Jung Hwan tells him the truth about Ji An's father's death.

Aired on 01/16/2018

Two Cops • S01E32
Jo Jung-suk Jo Jung-sukCha Dong-Tak / Gong Su-Chang
Lee Hye-ri Lee Hye-riSong Ji-An
Kim Sun-Ho Kim Sun-HoKong Soo-Chang
Hoya HoyaDokgo Sung-Hyeok
Lee Si-eon Lee Si-eonYong-Pal
Moon Ji-In Moon Ji-InGil Da-Jung
Jeong Hae-gyoon Jeong Hae-gyoonMa Jin-Kook
Choi Il-hwa Choi Il-hwaTak Jung-Hwan
Lee Dae-yeon Lee Dae-yeonYoo Jung-Man
Lee Jae-won Lee Jae-wonLee Doo-Sik
Im Se-Mi Im Se-MiKo Bong-Sook
Oh Eui-Sik Oh Eui-SikLee Ho-Tae
Jo Woo-Ri Jo Woo-RiMin-A
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