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S01E01 : An Early Clash (aired on 02/23/2010)

On the premiere episode, we are introduced to the 8 NXT hopefuls. But it doesn't take long for…

S01E02 : What's Next For NXT? (aired on 03/02/2010)

At the end of the season, a Rookie’s success or failure will be determined by votes from the WWE…

S01E03 : Rookies on the Rise (aired on 03/09/2010)

The rookies continue to try and impress in their bid to become the newest WWE Superstar. Daniel…

S01E04 : Clash in the City of Angels (aired on 03/16/2010)

WWE NXT host Matt Striker announces that in two weeks, the WWE Pros will evaluate the NXT Rookies.…

S01E05 : Tag Team Twosome (aired on 03/23/2010)

With one week left to the first Pros Poll, the rookies are all out to impress. Darren Young & David…

S01E06 : Monday Night Goes 'A-List' (aired on 03/30/2010)

The first Pros Poll rankings are revealed, and the rookies compete in a Battle Royal, with the…

S01E07 : Slater Gets Rocked (aired on 04/06/2010)

The rookies face their first weekly challenge, a Keg Carrying contest to win a match with a WWE…

S01E08 : The Party Rages On (aired on 04/13/2010)

The rookies try to impress a British audience in the Talk The Talk challenge, to win their own…

S01E09 : NXT Rookie rocks 'the best' (aired on 04/20/2010)

Things get physical as the NXT Rookies square off against each other in the Rock ’em Sock ’em…

S01E10 : Cornfed Victory (aired on 04/27/2010)

The rookies salesmanship skills are tested in the Seal the Deal challenge. Also, Wade Barrett &…

S01E11 : Overcoming Obstacles (aired on 05/04/2010)

The rookies are tested on an obstacle course to win immunity ahead of next weeks elimination. Also,…

S01E12 : Three Goodbyes (aired on 05/11/2010)

The rookies are thrown a curveball on the first elimination night. Wade Barrett faces Heath Slater,…

S01E13 : Party Crashed (aired on 05/18/2010)

The return of eliminated rookies Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver causes a shock confrontation.…

S01E14 : Show's Over (aired on 05/25/2010)

It's semi-finals week, but Michael Cole is more interested in getting an apology from Daniel Bryan.…

S01E15 : Finale (aired on 06/01/2010)

It's the final week of NXT, and remaining rookies Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and David “A-List”…
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