Yozakura Quartet

Akina, Hime, Kotoha, and Ao are four members of the Hiizumi Seikatsu Soudan Jimusho (Hiizumi's Everyday-life Consultation Office), which, in addition to helping kindergarteners deal with tough times, strives to preserve the peace of their little town, Sakurashin, by hunting down the troublemakers who dare threaten it. Hime is a superheroine. Ao can read minds. Kotoha can conjure up anything with the right word. And Akina... well, he's just a regular guy, surrounded by three supergirls! Together, they protect the town of Sakurashin. But that's not easy, as the town faces demon dogs and other supernatural threats!

TV series
The show consists of 1 season and 13 episodes.


Misato Fukuen Misato Fukuen
Hime Yarizakura
Daisuke Ono Daisuke Ono
Kyōsuke Kishi
Miyuki Sawashiro Miyuki Sawashiro
Kotoha Isone
Rie Tanaka Rie Tanaka
Yuuki Kaji Yuuki Kaji
Akina Hiizumi
Saki Fujita Saki Fujita
Ao Nanami
Tomokazu Seki Tomokazu Seki
Enjin Hiizumi
Haruka Tomatsu Haruka Tomatsu
Tōka Kishi
Ai Matayoshi Ai Matayoshi
Rin Azuma
Kaoru Mizuhara Kaoru Mizuhara
Zakuro Kurumaki
Sachi Matsumoto Sachi Matsumoto
Yūhi Shinatsuhiko
Natsuko Kuwatani Natsuko Kuwatani
Yae Shinatsuhiko
Aiko Ōkubo
V Juri F
Hideki Tasaka
Eiji Shinozuka
Tomokazu Seki Tomokazu Seki
Gin Nanami
Yasuyuki Kase Yasuyuki Kase
Shidou Mizuki
Ayahi Takagaki Ayahi Takagaki
Mina Tatebayashi
Yuka Inokuchi Yuka Inokuchi
Kana Tatebayashi
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  • Original title

    Yozakura Quartet

  • Type

    TV series

  • Episodes

    1 Season • 13 Episodes

  • Rating

    6.38/10 (60 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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    30 :

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